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    Just like our children, homes are all different and come with their own individual characteristics. The mosnox approach means you can take our bed and tailor the size to exactly fit your home. No more wasted space down the side of the bed or last minute ‘alterations’ to make things fit!

    Simplicity of design takes time – the Bali Bunk was developed with input from children and parents at every stage.  This unique approach has created a bunk which meets the needs of modern families in every way!

    • Designed with reference to European and British safety standards BS EN 747-1:2012+A1:2015
    • Finished with low-sheen, water-based lacquer
    • Manufactured from sustainable European birch faced poplar plywood
    • Packaged without plastic
    • Proudly Made in Sheffield


    • Length
    • 170cm
    • Width
    • 80cm
    • Height
    • 153cm
    • Ladder Position


Clean, modern lines allow the Bali bunk to sit seamlessly in any child or teenager’s bedroom. Available in standard UK single size or to your own bespoke measurements the Bali bunk perfectly combines flexibility and style. This is the mosnox philosophy – design for every child to have a space to call their own.

  • Detailing with both the strength and modesty to withstand being the focal point of a room or blend in as a feature in a wider design scheme.
  • Manufactured from specially sourced sustainable European birch faced poplar plywood. This material gives the strength and look of ply without the weight that usually comes with it. A lighter bed is easier to ship, easier to assemble and easier to move around.
  • Packaged without the use of plastic – our cardboard boxes are both recycled and recyclable.
  • Assembled in under 40 minutes. Because deciphering flat-pack furniture instructions doesn’t rate highly on our ‘to-do’ list either!

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