Measuring Guide

 Measuring Guide – Please Read Before Ordering a Bespoke Size Bed

Our bedrooms may be on the small side, but that doesn’t mean we can’t create open, airy spaces that are inspiring, restful and practical. There are two things you need to get right to make the best use of your space. First is choose the right sized furniture (especially the bed), and second create a layout that works best with the space you have available.

Here at mosnox we have created a handy measuring guide that will not only help you measure correctly for your bespoke mosnox bed but also help you decide what size you want. You will need paper, a pencil and a measuring tape.

Deciding what size bed to order

  • Firstly you need to work out how much space you have. One easy way of doing this is to draw a floor plan.

This is where you’ll need your measuring tape. Measure the length of your room’s inside walls, doors and windows. Use these measurements to draw a floor plan which sets out the size of your bedroom and where your doors and windows are positioned.

  • Next you should to ensure your space is balanced.

Cramped quarters can feel claustrophobic but a bit of creative styling and organisation can make your small space feel pretty roomy. Many interior designers recommend using the “1/3 ratio” rule. The idea is that your bed should take up a maximum of 1/3 of your bedroom space, with the walkway (including doorways) taking up 1/3, and your other furniture taking up 1/3. This is not always possible when dealing with small rooms but it helps to give you an idea of what you’re aiming for.

  • Once you have your ideal bed size you can add any other furniture.

Draw on the plan any furniture you already have in the room or furniture you are planning to buy. Be sure to measure the spans of any open doors, drawers and cupboards.

  • Lastly we recommend you measure the height of the walls. This is a helpful measurement when purchasing a bunk bed. You want to make sure your child can sit up in bed without bumping their head. But also helps when considering the height of your hanging lights, picture frames, mirrors, lamps etc. This way you can ensure that your furniture isn’t too high (or too low) for your room.

Handy Tip

If the room you are furnishing is empty and you are struggling to visualise the space, you could try using masking tape to mark out where your new furniture will go.

Measuring for your bespoke mosnox bed – Please Read Before Ordering!

To ensure you get exactly what you want we need you to provide correct measurements when ordering. The measurements we require are length and width. Both measurements are required in cm. It’s is important you get these measurements correct as our bespoke beds are non-refundable. Don’t panic though, just follow these steps and you will be fine:

  1. Measure the length and width of the area you’re planning on putting your new bed.
  2. Remember to take into consideration any skirting boards, radiators, plug points etc. This means measuring from the skirting board or the radiator not the wall.
  3. Once you have your measurements deduct 2cm from each one. For example, if the space where you want your bed is 90cm by 180cm then the measurements you would give us are 88cm by 178cm
  4. Input your measurements into the website.
  5. For mattresses you will need to deduct a further 10cm from the sizes you enter into the website – so for the example the overall bed size is 88cm by 178cm, the mattress size will be 78cm by 168cm.

If you need help with measuring or require something smaller or larger than the minimum or maximum measurements shown in our shop please contact us .